Welcome to the official Edgar Cayce, Sounds for Meditation website. Here you will discover information about a groundbreaking musical experience.

Edgar Cayce, Sounds for Meditation combines wisdom of world-renowned psychic and healer Edgar Cayce with an unusual mix of Historic and Modern Technologies. 

This music and resulting CD grew out of Jim's musical participation in a Sound and Light Meditation Workshop organized by Co-Director Carl Bohannon and held at Edgar Cayce's ARE - Houston in March of 2004 and at the Southwest A.R.E. Conference in April, 2004.

After the musical performances, participants were amazed at how profoundly the music affected their bodies. Interest in this music led to a professionally produced CD of the live performance. Jim's workshop Edgar Cayce, Music and Chakras featuring his music has been presented in the U.S. and Sweden.

Edgar Cayce, Sounds For Meditation (SFM) can be used for Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Energy Work, Massage, Sound Table Therapy, Aura Work, Mental Relaxation, Physical Relaxation, and more. Free "Maximize Your Healing and Growth" by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D. for more specific and powerful ways to use SFM!
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